Rose gold beaded bracelets with sparkling diamond accents on a white surface.

In the mid 90’s, Karen Lazar jump-started her journey in the fashion industry when opening a chic, multi-designer Beverly Hills boutique, Acacia. From there, as the go-getter she is, she moved on to design and manufacture Gavin Clothing, selling in over 100 boutiques nationwide. After connecting to the industry, the clients, and growing her personal and unique style, she became obsessed with seeing how personal of an experience accessorizing your wardrobe is. So, she decided she wasn’t done quite yet… 

Years later came her iconic Gold Beaded Bracelets. Karen, as a single mom and entrepreneur, bootstrapped Karen Lazar Design by styling and wearing her custom designs everywhere she went. From selling her designs at one dinner party to the next, personalizing and handing her pieces out like candy for all of her friends, and even showcasing her pieces out of the trunk of her car, she finally launched her very own Karen Lazar Design collection in 2011. Her designs quickly became a trend and cult-favorite of the time, eventually leading to where KLD is now--which is the home of the Original 14k Gold Filled Beaded Bracelet. 

Karen’s goal was to design pieces for every unique personality, and for her brand to remain a testament to the endless possibilities of timeless, yet one of a kind accessories. With the inclusion of ethically sourced gemstones, 14K diamonds, and a curated collection of fine jewelry pieces, KLD is always aiming to do just that. Our goal is to not only meet trends, but cultivate them with our designs. 

All of our pieces are proudly beaded in Los Angeles, allowing each collection to be fairly priced, without losing quality. KLD beads are 14k gold filled, non-tarnish and produced to move with you for all of life's adventures. And of course, we make sure to offer 10 size variants, ensuring a perfect fit for all wrists. 

As a women-run team, Karen Lazar Design operates with women in mind. We hope our pieces remain a part of your story and continue to build connections between friends, mothers, daughters, partners, etc. With quality that lasts a lifetime, KLD is thrilled to have a dynamic & loyal tribe of customers around the globe. 


Elegant woman in black, touching her chin, wearing a bracelet and rings.

Karen Lazar, Founder and CEO